Remodeling Student Assessments


With support from the Assessment for Learning Project, Future Focused Education aims to influence assessment reform at the state level and to expand the use of performance assessments throughout New Mexico.

Over the years, we have witnessed repeated changes to assessment policy and practice in New Mexico. Debates have erupted over the pros and cons of each new system.

Meanwhile, young people’s needs and voices are rarely included, local wisdom is frequently overshadowed, and educators’ expertise is too often ignored. Despite well-intentioned efforts and endless clamoring across the education landscape, student learning has not improved in significant ways.

We are entering another season of transition in New Mexico, and the time is ripe to remodel our student assessment system to better support teaching and learning. We believe performance assessment models, similar to the Performance Assessment of Competency Education (PACE) initiative in New Hampshire, hold promise for our state

Building on our New Metrics initiative and legislation passed in 2017, Future Focused Education is convening stakeholders around New Mexico for facilitated discussion and visioning sessions on the future of student assessment in New Mexico.

For more information or to partner with Future Focused Education on a stakeholder convening in your area, contact:

Tony Monfiletto, Executive Director | | 505-573-4024


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