Staff Spotlight Blog Series

Staff Spotlight Blog Series


Assistant Director of Workforce Learning

Jaime Headshot

Jaime has learned the importance of giving every young person the opportunity to gain employability skills to shape their career by working at Future Focused Education. He was encouraged to apply by a former board member and has found working for FFE to be highly rewarding. One of his favorite things to do is attend the X3 NeXt orientations, he says,  “It’s an amazing experience to witness what is possible for our state in one room.” 

When you ask Jaime what he is most proud of he says it’s the student’s he’s worked with. One of the highlights of his job is that he is able to assist in guiding students into a career setting that actively helps them on their career path. He has worked in Des Moines, NM, as a programs developer and found that sharing his expertise and assisting in fleshing out the ongoing work was fruitful. 

Jaime is grateful to FFE and is looking forward to throwing an event to thank the FFE employers and show them how inspired the staff is by their dedication and commitment to making a difference by welcoming youth and investing in New Mexico. 

When Jaime is not working, you can catch him at a New Mexico Runners match playing professional soccer. He loves New Mexican food and is grateful for all of the good people in New Mexico who want to create a long lasting impact for the local community.


Jaime visits Las Montañas Charter High School with Future Focused Education. 


Jaime presenting at the 2023 X3 Internship Orientation.

Alayna bowman

Assistant Director Of Project, Data, And Technology Systems

Before joining Future Focused Education, Alayna worked with youth in the International District in Albuquerque, Los Lunas, and Belen. Her passion is bringing intentional joy to her work with young people. She is motivated by creating youth-and community-based equity systems and Future Focused Education has been the perfect place for this. FFE recently added the role of Assistant Director of Project, Data, and Technology Systems, and with Alayna’s strong skills in technology, system development, and implementation she was an ideal fit.

Alayna is most proud of the co-designing and implementation of the X3 ABQ programming and coach support. The X3 Internship allows for paid internships for youth who might otherwise not get those experiences or have the support of mentors and coaches along the way. This type of real-world learning is crucial for students in order to prepare them for their futures. Alayna says “I look forward to continuing to center youth voice and experience in the technology and systems created at Future Focused Education.”

She loves living in New Mexico due to the endless beauty and outdoor spaces that she and her children can go on adventures in.

FFE team members posing for a picture.
Future Focused Education at the 2024 X3 Intern Orientation.

Alayna and X3 Coach Jazmine Grajeda at the X3 Intern Orientation.


Senior Advisor for Communication and Outreach

Headshot of Patricia.

Patricia is inspired by the dedication of the Future Focused Education team. In her previous role as a project manager for Transform Education NM, she collaborated with FFE and saw the commitment that the FFE staff had to work beside young people as a solution to truly transforming education in New Mexico. She wanted to be part of an organization that directly commits to ensuring young people are valued and given opportunities to live out their dreams and aspirations. She has found her home at FFE. 

Patricia is most proud of the FFE staff that she works with. She says, “They are all very bright and caring servant leaders who believe in our young people and will do whatever it takes to provide meaningful opportunities and support.”  She loves her role as a Senior Advisor and plans to sunset her 39 year long career in education  at FFE. When she is not working, Patricia makes sure to research and learn everything she can to make sure she is staying on her “A” game in the ever expanding field of education. 

The FFE Senior Advisor says she feels blessed to live in New Mexico. “There is no other place like it,” she says, “We live and love the cultural and linguistic diversity of our People. From the landscape to the diverse beauty of our People there is no place I would rather be.”

Three women speaking to each other in the lobby of a conference.
Patricia with Wilhelmina Yazzie and Bonavita Quinto-MacCallum at EdUp 2024.

Two women speaking to each other beside a stage at a conference.

Patricia with ED Kim Lanoy-Sandoval at EdUp2024.

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