Policy and Assessment Reform

Policy and Assessment Reform

In response to a history of institutional racism in the education system, Future Focused Education influences policy at the state level to transform schools so that all communities can thrive.

Real and enduring equity will not happen until young people and the communities where they live are valued. We must change the notion that underserved students and communities are inadequate. We believe they are able to achieve more because of where they come from, rather than in spite of it.


Statewide Social Emotional Learning

Future Focused Education is helping to shape conversations, policy and practices regarding social, emotional learning (SEL) as a vehicle for educational equity and deeper learning. Presently, Future Focused participates in a workgroup, led by the New Mexico Public Education Department, in developing a New Mexico SEL Framework that will offer schools and school districts with the theoretical foundation and overview of critical core practices necessary in integrating SEL into the infrastructure and classrooms of schools statewide. This work is especially critical in responding to the “twin pandemics” of racism and COVID-19.

We drive policy changes that promote:

  • School innovation
  • Cultural and linguistic responsiveness
  • Reciprocal relationships between schools and communities
  • New visions for student success shaped by local knowledge and culture
  • Authentic community
  • Work-based learning
  • Expanded use of performance assessments throughout New Mexico