The Reciprocity Project

The Reciprocity Project


What is The Reciprocity Project?

The Reciprocity Project is a coalition of nonprofits, community activists, and education innovators that are working together to build a new kind of school from the ground up. Our work is rooted in reciprocal relationships, where the voice and ownership of stakeholders will create schools that are truly in service to their communities.

What is the goal?

Instead of trying to patch leaks in a system that is structurally failing, we are creating a new frame of reference. Together we are designing the elements of a new school prototype that will be woven into the fabric of communities, with full reciprocity, building prosperous, healthy communities and investing in young people as future leaders. We know that new leadership is needed to do this work, and we are determined to look within our communities to identify and support the local leaders who are most qualified for these roles.
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Since 2011, The Education Resources Consortium has been a strategic advisor of choice for schools, districts, non-profit organizations, and philanthropies, providing a broad menu of services, high-level expertise, and thought partnership through a broad network of national and regional expert practitioners. The ERC is a unique consulting group that applies the science of school renewal, rather than the business of school reform.
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Founded in 1994, CCE envisions a just and equitable world where every student is college- and career-ready and prepared to become a compassionate, thoughtful, and contributing global citizen. CCE partners with public schools and districts to create and sustain effective and equitable schools.
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Future Focused Education is a nonprofit organization working to transform the traditional education system to better serve marginalized students and communities. We’re leading national change, using the wisdom of community-led solutions. Future Focused Education’s mission is to create healthier and more prosperous communities by advancing the best education for the students who need it the most.
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