What We Do

We create healthier and more prosperous communities by advancing the best education for the students who need it the most.

Future Focused Education is working to transform education and schools so they are responsive to the realities faced by many students and can better connect underserved and nontraditional students to college and career. Future Focused Education focuses on three areas of work:


1. Equity 

We work to connect and create positive pathways for those young people to have impact in their communities. Through our work, we seek to make our communities healthier and more prosperous by advancing equitable experiences in education that are relevant, rigorous, engaging and most importantly, prepare students for their future.

2. Local Wisdom for Local Schools 

Local communities and local people are assets in designing schools that respond to a fast-changing world. We believe in the strength of local communities and work with families, students, employers, teachers and other on-the-ground stakeholders to design schools that are suited to today’s needs and a vision for the future.

3. The Three Pillars 

Future Focused Education’s three-pillar model advances 1) learning by doing, 2) community engagement and 3) student support as tools that guide student success. While each community will take a unique approach to the application of this model, the three pillars support deeper learning and positive youth development within the context of each student’s unique education and each school’s unique community.