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Every student has a future worth investing in.

While society has changed dramatically over the last 50 years, our school system has remained largely the same. Like an old house that hasn’t been updated for the times, education in the United States is out of date. Every student has a future worth investing in and our system currently isn’t fulfilling that purpose. That’s why Future Focused Education has made it our mission to advance the best education for the students who need it the most. By remodeling education from the community up, we can re-engage students and prepare them for life in the 21st century ­­– because the future health and prosperity of our society demand something different.


We focus on serving the students who have not been successful in traditional school settings. We know that these teenagers are more likely to  make choices that can foreclose on their future. As obstacles to academic success increase, students turn to low-wage, low-skill jobs to help support themselves and their families rather than participating in activities that could open the door to a more prosperous future. For these students, the tradeoff between meeting short-term family obligations and long-term career preparation often comes down to an economic imperative where today’s needs overshadow tomorrow’s opportunities.

Future Focused Education is working to eliminate this tradeoff by transforming education and schools so they are responsive to the realities faced by many students and can connect students to college and career.

"This forward-thinking organization recognizes that the future prosperity of our society demands something different for K-12 education. Today’s students need to develop as whole human beings, which means culture, local contexts and community are critical components of learning environments, as are justice, health and wellness, and college and career readiness."

Susan Patrick
President and CEO of iNACOL

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