Underserved Students
Deserve our Best Ideas, and the
Future Depends on it.

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Future Focused Education is a nonprofit organization that invests our best ideas in underserved students and communities for a healthier and more prosperous future.

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Education can look different in :

We believe in the wisdom of local communities and work with families, students, employers, teachers and partners to design schools and programs that are suited to today's needs and a vision for the future.

Our Work

  • Future Focused Schools That Change Young Lives
    X3 Internship Program
  • Future Focused Education Leadership Schools Network-2
    Leadership Schools Network
  • Future Focused Education School and Program Design
    School & Program Design

The Future of Industries and Society Demand Something Different

Our Model is based on Three Pilars:

1. Learning By Doing
2. Community Engagement
3. Student Support

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Advancing the best education for the students who need it most

Milthon found a community of teachers and students who care about his future.

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A Look Back: Our First Five Years of Learning

In celebration of our brand launch, a collection of highlights and success stories from the past five years of Future Focused Education. The book features articles from a variety of students, teachers and experts in education policy.

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