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We Know Capstones Already Work, Why Aren’t We Using Them?

By Mary Parr-Sanchez, President of National Education Association New Mexico, and Rachel Padilla, Grant Writer for the NEA-NM Center for Community Schools

Project-based learning and capstone assessments are nothing new—we’ve been using them across New Mexico for decades. So, why aren’t we using them?

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Why New Mexico Needs Senior Capstones Now

By Mary Parr-Sanchez and Rachel Padilla | National Education Association New Mexico
The standardization era did untold damage on our students and schools. But we are turning the tide, and innovative alternatives to standardized tests will be our state’s saving grace. Here’s why.

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Three New Roles of the Post-Pandemic Teacher

By Robert Fung | Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment at Health Leadership High School
As we conclude a full year of educating students during a pandemic—what can teaching look like going forward? Not one, but three, roles have emerged for teachers.