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Tools & Resources

This collection of reports and case studies reflects the most cutting-edge education approaches in New Mexico. Consult these resources to find tools and strategies for your school, program, or students.



  • A Day in the Life of X3: Healthcare

    Cesiah Gonzales, a senior at Health Leadership High School, became an X3 intern at the University of New Mexico Hospital as a medical assistant. She fell in love with the profession and is now pursing a career in nursing thanks to her exposure and experience via X3.
  • Guiding Questions: Latkin's Story

    "Guiding Questions" is a documentary short that follows New Mexico student Lakin Epaloose, a senior at Zuni High School, as he completes his senior capstone project.
  • X3 Mentor Testimonial: Dante Gonzales

    Dante shares his experience as a minority trying to get an internship and how the X3 internship program is creating accessible internships for youth in Albuquerque. Dante was impressed with the interns that were placed at Bradbury Stamm Construction who were able to produce high quality 3D models and are now working for them directly.
  • X3 Mentor Testimonial: Arlenda Thompson

    Mentor Arlenda speaks about how the X3 interns she mentored at the University of New Mexico Hospital Family Clinic Unit were eager to learn. Her interns were able to perform medical assistant duties within weeks.
  • X3 Mentor Testimonial: Delcie Dobrovolny

    Listen to Delcie recount how the interns placed at Equiterra Regenerative Design learned something new about themselves and career aspirations.
  • Guiding Questions: How capstones are transforming New Mexico education

    Follow the story of two New Mexico students—Lakin of Zuni High School and Grace of Siembra Leadership High School—as they complete their Senior capstone projects. Learn how capstones engage students in deeper, transformational learning that better prepare them for their futures.
  • Preview: Grace's Capstone

    "Guiding Questions" is a documentary short that follows New Mexico student Grace Frey, a senior at Siembra Leadership High School, as she completes her senior capstone project.
  • Preview: Lakin's Capstone

    "Guiding Questions" is a documentary short that follows New Mexico student Lakin Epaloose, a senior at Zuni High School, as he completes his senior capstone project.
  • X3 Testimonials: Marcus Arellano

    Being an X3 intern can radically change a student’s confidence and career path. Listen to Marcus’s testimonial.
  • X3 Testimonials: Mariana Grajeda

    X3 internships can change the trajectory of a student’s life. Listen to Mariana Grajeda’s story—a young mother and X3 intern with an incredible journey.
  • X3 Testimonials: Cheyeanne Frazier

    How does the X3 experience affect a student's future? X3 internships helped show Cheyeanne her areas of passion.
  • Day in the life of X3:

    X3 intern Marcos, a student at CNM, worked with local construction firm Bradbury Stamm, and got new insights into what that career path looks like, gaining professional skills and new network connections along the way.
  • Day in the life of X3:

    Take a day-in-the-life tour with Amarisa Barboa, an X3 intern at the City of Albuquerque Office of Equity Inclusion.
  • Day in the life of X3:

    Follow along as Sarah Joy Randall gives us a day-in-the-life tour of her outdoor recreation internship with the Friends of the Organ Mountains.
  • What I Miss About X3: Healthcare Industry

    Hear from interns Melani (from UNM Women's Clinic), Victoria (from Lovelace's Labor or Love), and Yolanda (from Presbyterian's Community Health) about what they miss about their work in the heathcare sector.
  • What I Miss About X3: Desiree

    Desiree Arnett created this animation about why she misses her X3 internship during COVID-19.
  • What I Miss About X3: OJ and Izzy

    X3 Interns OJ Lomahquahu and Isabel Gomez describe what they miss about their internships now that the program is on temporary hiatus due to COVID-19.
  • Siembra Leadership High School

    At Siembra, learning doesn't take place only within school walls. Teaching students through an entrepreneurial lens means that they need to be taught in the community, with real businesses.
  • "First Steps"

    Liset never imagined a future outside of fast food. Through her X3 internship, she now has the work experience she needed to create a new career path for herself and her family.
  • Milthon: Technology Leadership High School

    Milthon (10th) grade shares his story and the reasons he chose TLHS.
  • Jack's Story: Technology Leadership High School

    Watch Jack tell his story about why he choose TLHS. For updates and more information please visit our website at www.techabq.org
  • Why Do We Build This Way at ACE?

    At ACE Leadership High School, a different kind of learning is possible. See how our curriculum comes to life in this video -- taking you start to finish in our "Cro-Magnon to IKEA" class.
  • Maria's Story: Health Leadership High School

    Maria left high school during her sophomore year with no inspiration to finish school. Then, she found Health Leadership’s Reengagement Evening School Program. HLHS allowed her to work during the day and finish school at night – all with a supportive faculty of staff and teachers rooting for her success.
  • Siembra Leadership High School Launches

    Siembra Leadership High School is Empowering Students through Entrepreneurship
  • Jaisel's Story | Center for School Leadership

    Jaisel's Story follows a graduate of Amy Biehl High School as he inspires change in the community beyond his school. Jaisel bridges gaps, keeps hope, and succeeds despite the challenges.
  • Amy Biehl High School: Student Case Studies

    Amy Biehl High School was founded in the spirit of Amy Biehl, a young person dedicated to social justice. Using a thematic approach across subject areas, this charter high school in New Mexico teaches students to apply and demonstrate skills and knowledge to analyze and address community needs.
  • South Valley Academy: Environmental Stewardship at Valle de Oro

    The vision of South Valley Academy (SVA) was born of its founders’ experience in working with students who could excel in many endeavors—when given the proper learning environment, community support, and access to educational opportunities.
  • Native American Community Academy

    The mission of NACA is to engage students, educators, families, and community in creating a school that will prepare our students to grow from adolescence to adulthood and begin strengthening communities by developing strong leaders who are academically prepared, secure in their identity and healthy.
  • Carlos Contreras visits Amy Biehl High School

    Carlos Contreras, nationally acclaimed New Mexican slam poet, visits Amy Biehl High School humanities class to deliver his poem, Invincible, from his new book, Time Served.
  • ACE Leadership High School: Building Leaders

    ACE Leadership High School is a public charter school in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
  • Health Leadership High School: Exhibitions

    Health Leadership High School is a public school dedicated to hands-on, project-based learning through the lens of the health profession. Curriculum is designed around industry-focused projects, group learning, and student support.
  • ACE Leadership High School: Ski Shack Project

    This video captures a project completed by ACE Leadership High School students in the Sandia Peak Ski basin located in the Cibola National Forest outside of Albuquerque, New Mexico


“If You Ask Me…” Exhibit: Teacher Edition

The “If You Ask Me…” galleries are interactive, augmented reality exhibits that bring student and teacher interviews to life.

How do students learn best? Future Focused wanted answers from the real experts: educators and students themselves. The “If You Ask Me…” project interviewed youth and educators from around the state to understand their unique perspectives.

Two ways to experience the galleries:
In person: viewers scan the exhibit walls with a smartphone camera to make the portraits come alive.
Online: viewers can play the interview videos to hear each story.

  • If you ask...

    Patrik Nkouaga, French and Spanish teacher at Siembra Leadership High School, Albuquerque, NM.
  • If you ask...

    Azza Ezzat, Human Anatomy & Biology teacher at Socorro High School, Socorro, NM.
  • If you ask...

    Toni Wright, Social Studies teacher at Taos High School, Taos, NM.
  • If you ask...

    Shawna Carter, AP science teacher at Alamogordo High School in Alamogordo, New Mexico.
  • If you ask...

    Jeremy Garcia, special education teacher at Central Elementary in Santa Rosa, New Mexico.
  • If you ask...

    Debra Sandoval-Woodward, art teacher in Cibola Grants County Schools, New Mexico.

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