A Conference on Impact & Innovation

Future Focused Education hosts the EdUprising Conference annually to engage in authentic, personalized learning about assessment, equity, and developing meaningful partnerships with your community. The panels and workshops focus on high school impact and innovation through graduation profiles, capstones, social-emotional practices, and work-based learning.

The 2023 EdUprising Conference had more than 300 educators, community leaders, and young people attend the two-day affair. Conversations were rooted in the emerging consensus that the high school experience must change. Speaker of the House and Kellogg Fellow Javier Martinez set the stage with his keynote address that called on capstone projects as much more meaningful assessments than standardized tests of what students know and can do.

Authentic, Impactful, Innovative & Student Led!

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Rise up, #EdUp!

Speakers from 2023

Maria Headshot

Maria Rogahn

Assistant Director of Learning by Doing, Capstone Project Manager
Patricia Headshot

Patricia Jiménez-Latham, Ed.D.

Assistant Director of Capstone Communications and Outreach
Sofia Headshot


Master of Social Work Intern & X3 Internship Coach
Julia Headshot


Master of Social Work Practicum Student
William Mutidjo headshot

William Mutidjo

Project and Data Systems Manager
Derek Headshot

Derek Kuit

Operations Manager
Jaime Headshot

Jaime Hernandez

Assistant Director of Workforce Learning
Lucia Duncan Headshot

Lucia Duncan

FFE & CIS Alumni and Internship Director
Mary Ann Ga headshot

Mary Ann Ga

Cuba High School, Math Teacher
Minea Armijo Romero headshot

Minea Armijo Romero (ella, she, hers, they)

Katie Avery

Katie Avery

Jonathan Barclay headshot

Jonathan Barclay

Rebecca Beletto headshot

Rebecca Belletto

Teach for America New Mexico, Managing Director
Alan Brauer Jr Headshot

Allen Brauer

Senior Director Initiatives and Programs One Generation.
Tim Hand headshot

Tim Hand

Rita Harvey Headshot

Rita Harvey

Partner of Systems Transformation at the Center for Innovation in Education
Julie Jaynes headshot

Julie Jaynes

Work-based Learning Coordinator
Emma Jones headshot

Emma Jones

Education Consultant
Natane Lim headshot

Natane Lim

Project Manager, Embracing Equity & Co-Founder of Dancing Turtle
Miguel Maizano headshot

Miguel Maizano

Teacher Zuni High School
Regina Vigil headshot

Regina Vigil

Ali McClung headshot

Alicia McClung

Teacher Vista Nueva High School, Aztec, New Mexico
Revee Mora Headshot

Reeve Mora (sher/her)

Susan Patrick headshot

Susan Patrick

President and CEO, Aurora Institute
Kimberly Pena Hansen Headshot

Kimberly Pena-Hansen

Health Leadership High School, Senior Capstone, Instructional Coach
Henry Rael Headshot

Henry Rael

Director of Strategy and Initiatives, McCune Charitable Foundation of New Mexico
Ronnie Reynolds headshot

Ronnie Reynolds

Teacher, Robert F. Kennedy Charter School and Future Focused Education Capstone Leader
John Rollinger headshot

John Rollinger

Gordon Bernell Charter School
Fransisco Ronquillo Photo

Francisco J Ronquillo, MA, PA

Health Extension Officer under the Office of the Vice-Chancellor for Community Health with the Health Science Center at the University of New Mexico.
Laurie Smith

Laurie Smith

Teacher, Santa Fe Indian School, Santa Fe , New Mexico
Sommer Smith headshot

Sommer Smith

Creative Director, MediaDesk
Catherine Szenasi

Catherine Szenasi

Teacher, Del Norte High School Albuquerque, New Mexico
Kristen LaVolpa headshot

Kristen La Volpa (she/her/hers)

Future Focused Education, Community of Practice Coach
Missy Wauneka headshot

Missy Wauneka

Executive Director, Teach For America New Mexico.
Kateri Zuni

Kateri Zuni