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Future Focused Education’s mission is to create healthier and more prosperous communities by advancing the best education for the students who need it the most. Do you want to join a team that is making a difference and dedicated to remodeling education to meet the unique needs of our communities?

current openings

Assistant Director of Learning by Doing & Professional Development 

This position will facilitate partnerships between Future Focused and schools that seek to create a more equitable and holistic learning and assessment experience for high school students informed by local wisdom. This full-time position will require regular travel with a generous benefits package. 
Key responsibilities:
  • Develop partnerships with schools, councils, community-based organizations, departments within the Public Education Department, and other rights-holder groups to create demand for and scale the Capstone Initiative statewide. 
  • Travel to schools around the state to meet with educators and collaborate with community-based organizations to build demand and capacity for graduate profiles, capstones, performance, and competency-based assessments and to integrate work-based learning, SEL, and other community-oriented strategies in school initiatives. 
  • Lead professional development online and in schools across New Mexico to support the graduate profile, capstone, and community partnership initiatives.

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How to apply:

For consideration, the applicant must submit a cover letter, resume, and three references to Tony Monfiletto, Executive Director, [email protected].

Qualified candidates will be contacted for an interview. The position is estimated to begin on July 01, 2023.

X3 Coach

The Summer Enrichment Internship Program( SEIP) X3 Coach promotes the success of the NMPED-SEIP by facilitating effective social, emotional and work-based learning coaching for interns, employers, and other key partners, while offering high touch support for all.

Summer employment details:

  • Participate in an 10-week, 20-hour per week summer session and receive $25 an hour.
  • Provide coaching support for a cohort of Interns during their 8-week summer internship.
  • Coordinate and support relationships with site mentors and intern participants.

Summer calendar:

Albuquerque Calendar

    • Coach Onboarding: May 29 
    • Last day for coaches: July 29 

Santa Fe/Española Calendar

    • Coach Onboarding: May 29
    • Last day for coaches: August 4

Key responsibilities:

  • Monitor and maintain proactive, problem-solving communication with X3 interns, X3 Mentors and X3 Staff to ensure successful internship participation and completion.
  • Provide regular support to X3 interns, offering 1-on-1 meetings and coaching.
  • Cultivate positive relationships with X3 Employer Mentors to ensure strong lines of communication and support.
  • Provide support for mentor/intern orientations, training, etc. and offer ongoing feedback for improvement.
  • Monitor interns’ progress and learning milestones during internship session (e.g. ImBlaze tracking, 1:1 coaching/mentorship, site visits)
  • Attend required professional development and training sessions (e.g. Coaches onboarding, training and orientation).
  • Research employer/community partner position descriptions and work settings for individual interns.

See position description below for full details.

How to apply:

For consideration, applicants must submit their resume and cover letter via email to [email protected]

Qualified candidates will be contacted for an interview.