What is X3?

X3 internships provide paid work experience for high schoolers outside the classroom, inside the workforce.

How it’s unique

Our interns are paid

  • A career-building alternative to fast food or low-wage jobs many high schoolers must take to support their families
  • Resumé and work experience for students who need it most
  • Livable wage, provided by companies as a tax-free donation

Wrap-around support for companies

  • Pre-selected interns based on fit and skill set
  • Payroll + liability insurance
  • Evaluation metrics + support tools

Equity comes first

  • Most internship/apprenticeship programs skim off the top, giving top-performing and privileged students the most opportunities
  • We give talented students who are disengaged from traditional schools the path to economic mobility

X3 Success Stories

Liset never imagined a future outside of fast food. See how the X3 experience changed her life as a student, young mother, and aspiring heathcare professional.


Critical for Youth of Color

Interns in Tech

Treating young people as assets to be nurtured rather than problems to be solved.

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Why internships?

As obstacles to academic success increase, teenagers who have not been successful in traditional school settings turn to low-wage, low-skill jobs to help support themselves and their families. They don’t have access to resources that could open the door to a more prosperous future. These students experience an economic imperative where today’s needs overshadow tomorrow’s opportunities.

  • 55% of at-risk youth with mentors are more likely to enroll in college
  • 46% chance of being unemployed if a student drops out of high school
  • 6,000 high schoolers drop out every year in Albuquerque

Why should my company get involved?

  • Build successful leaders in your industry
  • Share your passion and cultivate the next generation in your sector
  • Provide underserved and underrepresented students authentic learning experiences
  • Build internal leadership and pride through mentorship opportunities

Student outcomes:

  • Improves communication and interpersonal skills
  • Greater comfort in professional settings
  • Clarity, confidence, and ambition about career path
  • Provides a bridge to life after high school toward higher education and living-wage employment

“I feel more
about my career path.”
“I am
My host site has helped me be more open.”
more social.
“This has helped me think about
and what career I want.”
my future

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