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Innovation Zones Initiative

Grassroots Innovation, State-Wide Transformation

At Innovation Zone schools, local communities nurture students to become the problem-solvers and innovators we need at home.

In partnership with NMPED and the LANL Foundation, we are supporting school districts to transform education with home-grown solutions.

three students wearing construction vests and standing inside of a wooden structure, looking up.

What Are Innovation Zones?

The Innovation Zones Initiative brings together program initiatives and funding that are often siloed or disconnected. The model weaves together graduate profiles, capstones, work-based learning, and high-quality career and technical education (CTE)--through college and career pathways.
Two students wearing construction vests and helmets, working outside with measuring tools.

Instead of a one-size-fits-all system, Innovation Zones are co-creating solutions that build on what's already working in New Mexico.

Districts and charter schools apply to be a part of the Innovation Zone Initiative through the NM Public Education Department. Once approved, districts and charters are provided with funding and support to implement these innovative practices in their schools.


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