Graduate Profile Services: Designing and Implementing Your Graduate Profile

Designing and Implementing Your Graduate Profile


The new graduation requirements, as laid out in HB 171, require all New Mexico schools to create a graduate profile. Graduate profiles have the potential to empower and engage students but might seem overwhelming to implement. Fortunately, we’ve been helping schools and communities create meaningful graduate profiles here in New Mexico for years. 

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A graduate profile is essentially a set of desired knowledge, skills, and attributes that students are expected to possess upon completing their education. It serves as a roadmap for educators to guide curriculum development, instructional strategies, and assessment practices.

Graduate profiles, when done well, push learning and assessment to be culturally and linguistically responsive.

Graduate profiles can help with: 

  • Creating CTE and career pathways that students want and your community needs
  • Making student outcomes visible to families and the wider community
  • Designing purposeful community-connected and equitable learning experiences such as capstones and work-based learning (WBL). 

High quality graduate profiles:

  • Are a fingerprint of the community 
  • Will take more investment, time and commitment 
  • Are meant to be co-created in deep collaboration with educators and community 

graduate profile support

The new graduation requirements include a graduate profile connected to your students' Next Step Plan. We offer a menu of support to help you develop a meaningful and usable graduate profile with your school and community. 

We can help with: 

  • Focus group facilitation 
  • Survey Design
  • Data analysis and storytelling
  • Development of themes and indicators
  • Design with local context in mind
  • Capstone assessment design, aligned with high school competencies and the graduate profile

the process of creating a graduate profile

Graduate profiles are a living document, meant to be revised and updated every few years. Such revisions must consider the changes in communities over the last 3 years. Generally, the process is:

  • Build relationships with students, families, community, employers, etc. 
  • Consider stakeholder groups to engage in identifying the knowledge, skills, and attributes named in the graduate profile.
  • Customize and test facilitation guides for focus groups or empathy interviews and develop surveys for different stakeholder groups.
  • Convene focus groups, schedule empathy interviews, and send surveys.
  • Analyze data to identify knowledge, skills, and attributes.
  • Design your graduate profile.

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